You graduated law school, congratulations! Now gear up to take the most difficult exam of your life. Exciting right? Studying for the bar exam is hard enough. Studying becomes even more arduous when a heavy box of books appears on your front step. It gets even worse when you take a glance at your study schedule and decide that there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. LAWYER THE BAR has created condensed study materials to ease your pain and supplement your substantive review. LAWYER THE BAR condensed study materials are different from other bar review materials available because they:

  • Are updated annually
  • Are in a clean, easy-to-read format
  • Highlight tricky or highly tested areas
  • Are comprehensive
  • Include writing tips
  • Are written to compliment your substantive bar review
  • Are written in check-list style with mnemonics and other memorization devices
  • Include an “issue cluster” checklist which tells you which sub-topics have come up together on previous bar exam essays.
  • Are only $24.95!

You can use LAWYER THE BAR Condensed Study Materials:

  • Before your substantive review of each subject to provide you with a “big picture” or table-of-contents of the subject.
  • After your substantive review of each subject as a “check-list” to make sure you covered all of the important areas of law.
  • Like a “one-sheet” 3 weeks before the bar (or earlier) to help memorize those last few elements or to trigger your memory

LAWYER THE BAR Condensed Study Materials Can Be Used By:

    • Law Students before exams
    • Bar exam takers

Don’t get LAWYERED by the Bar Exam. LAWYER the Bar!

February 2013 Test Group Testimonials:

I was a top tier law student, on Dean’s List and on law review. I followed my bar review course exactly, I studied hard, and I could not pass the bar. I tried a tutor, two bar review programs, and attempted to target the areas I had most trouble in. I used LAWYER THE BAR Condensed outlines along with self-study of the subjects and found them to be a detailed and easy to use tool. The last 2 weeks before the bar I used only the Lawyer The Bar Condensed outlines to study along with MBE Multiple Choice questions and I finally had the pleasure of seeing my name on the pass list!

-Sara S.

I tried other condensed commercial outlines during law school and the bar. LAWYER THE BAR study materials give you the detail and depth of knowledge without all of the fluff or unimportant material included in other outlines.The tips are helpful and the “issue cluster” sheets are also unique and really helpful for essay writing.

-Dani O.

LAWYER THE BAR study materials are written for law students. Super cheap and easy to understand. I loved using LAWYER THE BAR. I wish I had these my 1L year!


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